21 July, 2009

Archive magazine -- now with exclusive online bits

You're probably already familiar with Archive -- our quarterly magazine that's brings together thought-provoking and entertaining articles about our exhibitions, festivals and events.

The good news is that there's now an online element to Archive. We've started uploading web-exclusive articles that you can read in your browser -- or download as a handy (and fully-illustrated) PDF.

It all starts with a fascinatingly in-depth article about the Peter Schaffer play/film Equus -- which is brought to you by the Museum's Curator Of Television (and grandson of the inventor of television), Iain Baird.

Don't miss the Museum's showing of the 1976 film version of Equus, taking place next Thursday (30 July). As well as getting blasted off your seat by one of Richard Burton's last great scene-stealing performances, you'll also be able to see Iain Baird in the flesh: he'll be introducing the film before the screening. Book tickets for Equus


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