14 April, 2011

Great Photographers Wanted - Living or Dead

On 15 April, we will be opening a brand new exhibition drawn exclusively from the National Photography Collection in our care:

The Lives of Great Photographers (15 April - 4 September 2011)

The Collection contains thousands of great works by great photographers - not all of which are represented in the exhibition. When you visit, we want you to tell us where we went wrong.

Who would you have included in this exhibition? Who is your favourite photographer? They can be still living, still working, man or woman, any nationality, any era of history. Tell us why you love their work.

We have provided feedback notepads inside the gallery, and we will be uploading answers to our Flickr channel:
Read the responses to The Lives of Great Photographers

Some of the Museum staff have already told us their favourite photographers, and you can see their comments here.

We invite you to join in the discussion right here on the Museum blog.

Who is a great photographer and why?Who is a great photographer and why?Who is a great photographer and why?Who is a great photographer and why?Who is a great photographer and why?


Anonymous said...

Michael Dunne (North Yorkshire) His interiors, still life and fashion, self styled, are sumptuous, saturated in colour and beautiful to look at. He inspires people even in his (photographically active) retirement.

Anonymous said...

Brian Brake (was a New Zealand photographer)His photographs of the monsoon season in India demonstrate with feeling the lethargy of pre-monsoon and the joy and freshness once the rain came. I love the intimacy of his pictures.

Anonymous said...

I have some 3D photographs and 3d video of the 1951 Festival of Britain Expo in London


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