28 October, 2011

Photography Focus on Watabe Yukichi's A Criminal Investigation

Blogger: Greg Hobson, Curator of Photography

Watabe Yukichi’s book A Criminal Investigation, arrived in the office this week.

Watabe Yukichi - A Criminal Investigation

This is a brilliantly conceived publication that affirms my belief in photography's possibility to challenge and excite.

Yukichi (1924-1993) shadowed a team of Japanese detectives investigating the 1958 murder and dismemberment of Sato Tadashi. Then a young photo-journalist, Yukichi mapped the unfolding investigation with a humanist eye.

Watabe Yukichi - A Criminal Investigation

His interest and involvement with his subjects draw the viewer into a sequential narrative that feels more closely related to a 1950s film-noir than a photo-documentary.

The editing in the book is superb and the design brilliantly echoes a period police notebook, or manila file containing evidential photography and notes.

Watabe Yukichi - A Criminal Investigation

Hessian hard-back covers fastened with an elastic band, investigation notes made on a manual typewriter and printing that subtly suggests vintage press prints, all combine to make a book that functions as both a fascinating and involving record of a criminal investigation and, a stunning photographic object.

A Criminal Investigation is published by Éditions Xavier Barral.


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I am completely impressed! Keep stuff like this coming.

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