24 September, 2009

Behind the scenes with Neeta Madahar

We're three weeks away from our Neeta Madahar exhibition opening on 16 Oct, so here's a peek behind the scenes at the making of the portrait series we'll be exhibiting -- 'Flora'.

Flora is a series of carefully and painstakingly arranged portraits, picturing Neeta's female friends alongside plants and flowers. We'll have several new Flora pictures on display in the exhibition -- and in the video above, Jen Anyan, the stylist for the series, travels around the studio with a camcorder to give us an intimate look at the hard work that goes into each shoot.

Don't forget that this Sunday is your last chance to catch the current exhibitions, Animalism and Don McCullin: In England -- because on Monday, we start dismantling them piece by piece. I'll be there with the camera, make no mistake.


Anonymous said...

sorry but i would have thought being the national musium of film and photography that this might be shot a little better?

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