02 September, 2009

The making of an exhibition: part one

If you've ever wanted to sneak into our offices, hide behind a potted plant, and spy on how we plan, develop and build one of our exhibitions -- it's your lucky day.

Starting today, I'll be bringing you a series of videos that take you behind the scenes of the making of Drawings That Move: The Art Of Joanna Quinn, one of two new National Media Museum exhibitions opening on October 16th. These little films build towards a longer making-of video that's being organised by our Cultural Events Organiser, Fozia Bano, and shown at the opening night party (and, eventually, on the web).

Just a quick film to start with: Rob Derbyshire, our Graphic Designer, takes delivery of the graphics we're using for the big titles in the gallery -- graphics hand-created by Joanna Quinn herself.

Much more to come: I'll show you the unboxing of some of the exhibits later this week, then things start getting really busy as the gallery floorplan is finalised, the opening night event takes shape, and we prepare for the flurry of activity that goes into dismantling the old exhibitions and constructing the new ones.


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