01 October, 2009

More goodbyes to Animalism

You've seen the dismantling of Don McCullin -- now say adieu to Animalism.

The absolute highlight of the four-month exhibition for me was the beautifully-lit wall of ape photographs from James Mollison's 'James and Other Apes' series. Exhibition Organizers Sharon Scarmazzo and Ruth Haycock were in action to check the prints and package them back up into their very fetching crates.

Scraping the Don McCullin exhibition captions off the walls was painstaking stuff: Animalism has given the Exhibition Organisers some much more fun things to do. First, peeling off the big events banner outside Gallery One...

... second, running their hands all over the plush loveliness of the furry title lettering.

All this took place earlier in the week. Since then, I've tiptoed back into the galleries to have a peek at the building of the new Joanna Quinn and Neeta Madahar exhibitions -- and it's a real thrill watching them both take shape. I'll take you behind the scenes from Monday.


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