23 November, 2009

Robbie Cooper Filming

During the last week photographer and video artist Robbie Cooper has been filming people in the Museum’s TV studio in preparation for his upcoming exhibition. Robbie Cooper’s ‘Immersion’ project films members of the public through the screen as they watch television, become absorbed in movies and interact with videogames.

Cooper films his models using a high definition video camera and then picks single frames that capture people at their most natural. The missing sound of the shutter helps Cooper’s subjects to relax, forget they’re being photographed and results in unaware and honest portraits.

The filming started with babies and toddlers brought in by their parents to watch their own DVDs. Hot favourites included ‘In the Night Garden’, ‘Baby Einstein’ and Disney’s ‘Monsters Inc’. The second half of the week was dedicated to young adults watching horror movies such as ‘Drag Me to Hell’ and ‘Saw V’.

This work will be displayed in Gallery Two in the new exhibition ‘Robbie Cooper: Immersion’ which opens Friday 12 March 2010.


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