25 March, 2011

BIFF 2011 Day 3 Part 3 - Terry Gilliam Screentalk + Time Bandits

Blogger: James Cross, Front of House

BIFF 2011 Day 3 - Tony Earnshaw and Terry Gilliam

This was the hot ticket event of the festival, a sell out with a waiting list a mile long. But why is Terry Gilliam in such demand? I saw the man arrive outside the Museum where he was instantly mobbed by adoring fans, fans of all ages, and this is where his success lies; he has managed to cross the allusive generation gap.

BIFF 2011 Day 3 - Terry Gilliam in Bradford, City of Film

As a child, I remember sitting with my parents and shouting at the TV "We are the knights who say... NEE", and then as a teenager, watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Terry Gilliam’s résumé is a powerhouse of top talent, not just in the USA but here in England. A transatlantic success, BAFTA winner, and now Bradford International Film Festival Fellow, we gladly welcomed him.

BIFF 2011 Day 3

Before the screentalk, we were treated to a screening of Time Bandits - a classic family film, children enjoy the fantasy and the adults enjoy the ‘in-jokes’. If you haven’t seen it, WHY NOT? Time Bandits was the film made by Terry when he couldn’t get the funding to make Brazil and even had a hard time distributing it.

On the back of the success of Time Bandits he managed to complete Brazil, although the release wasn’t without its own drama. Still, Time Bandits stands the test of time 30 years on.

The feature was followed by Gilliam’s hilarious new animated short The Miracle of Flight, a testament to his skill even in the early days.

BIFF 2011 Day 3

Last, but certainly not least - in fact, the reason for this sold out auditorium - Tony Earshaw, BIFF's Artistic Director, interviewed the film maverick and presented him with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Watch this video, then tell us your favourite Gilliam moments of the evening (or of his career).

See more fantastic photos of Terry on the Museum's Flick channel.


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The knights who say 'NEE' are lasting genius.

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