02 November, 2011

Introducing the Life Online Youth Engagement Project

Blogger: Dave Smith, Youth Engagement Officer

My name is Dave and I’m the Youth Engagement Officer here at the Museum. I'm currently working with a group of teenagers as part of the Life Online project so I thought I'd share a bit about what we’re up to.

Lightwriting test #1

A few months ago I went out into Bradford to find a group of young people to come and be part of an artistic collective, based at the Museum for 9 months.

The group's brief is to create an artwork for display as part of the Life Online [open source] exhibition (launching March 2012). The resulting group are a bunch of talented artists from across Bradford (and just outside) who are united by their loves of art, media and YouTube!

The group first met in the summer and tried out a few artforms with artists to see what they were interested in. They had a lot of fun playing with trash art, film making and electronics and well as going on an internet-free scavenger hunt in Manchester.

Beauty from junk!

Group 1 hit a snag - the library's closed!

In the end the group voted to work with animator Jack Lockhart on the realisation of their brief.

pixelation in action

Now we've started the process of turning interest and enthusiasm into art. From the end of September until December the group are spending weekends and holidays in the Museum experimenting with animation and creating their very own piece of contemporary art. They'll also be going on trips, meeting interesting people and getting involved in the life of the Museum.

The group take in the IMAX

FACT autograph pillar

If you want to follow what they're up to, visit their blog at www.lifeonlineyouthengagement.wordpress.com.


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